Topographic Features

Because nature did not know that humans were going to try and name various topographic features, these features were not created in the most orderly fashion. Thus, human-designed pigeonholes for naming topographic features can get a bit messy. Moreover, various features have been named by more than one person. Local usage can also lead to confusion, and the boundaries of various features are not particularly clear-cut. With those disclaimers, this map is the compiler’s best attempt at showing the names and locations of various significant features in Colorado. Where possible, preference was given to the original designers of the features.

Map of topographic features

1 Uinta Mountains 16 White River Plateau 31 Ten Mile Range 46 Cochetopa Hills
2 Yampa Plateau 17 Flat Top Mountains 32 Mosquito Range 47 La Garita Hills
3 Danforth Hills 18 Grand Hogback 33 Arkansas Hills 47 San Juan Mountains
4 Williams Fork Mountains 19 Roan Plateau 34 Waugh Mountain 48 La Garita Mountains
5 Elkhead Mountains 20 Book Cliffs 35 Platte River Mountains 49 Sawtooth Mountain
6 Park Range 21 Uncompahgre Plateau 36 Kenosha Mountains 50 Grenadier Range
7 Independence Mountain 22 Battlement Mesa 37 Tarryall Mountains 51 Needle Mountains
8 Rabbit Ears Range 23 Grand Mesa 38 Rampart Range 52 San Miguel Mountains
9 Medicine Bow Mountains 24 West Elk Mountains 39 Pikes Peak Massif 53 Rico Mountains
10 Never Summer Mountains 25 Ruby Range 40 Wet Mountains 54 La Plata Mountains
11 Front Range 26 Elk Mountains 41 Raton Mesa (Fisher Mesa) 55 Hogback Monocline
12 Williams Fork Mountains 27 Basalt Mountain 42 Raton Mesa (Barela Mesa) 56 Mesa Verde
13 Gore Range 28 Red Table Mountain 43 Spanish Peaks 57 Sleeping Ute Mountain
14 King Mountain 29 Hardscrabble Mountain 44 Sangre de Cristo Range
15 Castle Peak 30 Sawatch Range 45 San Luis Hills