Sandstone Dike

A sandstone, or clastic dike is a seam of sedimentary material that fills in a crack and cuts across sedimentary or other types of strata. They are often associated with earthquakes, but may be the result of debris flows, impact craters, salt domes, fault zones, or glaciers.

This sandstone dike north of Ouray is displayed along Highway 550.

Sandstone dikes in the Colorado Springs area are evidence of large earthquakes during the Laramide mountain-building event.

These sandstone dikes in the Piceance Basin are probably a result of over-pressuring and release during an earthquake. To understand the scale of this image, note the geologist standing next to the red arrow at the bottom of the dike.

The sandstone dikes cutting the Pikes Peak granite are an enigma and have been studied by many geologists through the years.