Trail Through Time

Rabbit Valley near Fruita – Point of Geological Interest #F1

image: Rabbit Valley near Fruita

This 1.5-mile, self-guided trail includes the seasonally active Mygatt–Moore dinosaur quarry (type locality of Mymoorapelta, the first Jurassic Ankylosaur found in North America, and the palaeoniscoid fish Morrolepis), in-situ Camarasaurus and Diplodocus vertebrae, and other geological highlights. During the summer, hikers may observe paleontologists at work in the quarry.

Trail through Time – Diplodicus Vertebrae. Photo credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins (2009)

Tel: 970-244-3000
Administered by the BLM and the Museum of Western Colorado.
Where is it?: Located immediately north of the Rabbit Valley exit fromI-70, about 2 miles east of the Colorado state line. Map and Directions
GPS: N39.193616 W109.020113
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Image courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

Former CGS geologist Matt Sares points out Camarasaurus vertebrae in an outcrop along the Trail Through Time. Photo credit: Vince Matthews.