Skyline Drive Trackway Site

Cañon City, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F10

Dinosaur tracks along Skyline drive.

At the Skyline Drive Trackway Site, you can see a series of Cretaceous Ankylosaur tracks made by a group of dinosaurs walking side-by-side through mud. The tracks were discovered in 1999. Skyline Drive is a one-way road that is narrow and has precipitous drop-offs and tremendous views — this is not a POGI for the faint of heart!

Interpretive signs are posted.

 Skyline Drive Trackway Site, Cretaceous Ankylosaur tracks

skyline tracks sign

Excavating the Skyline Drive Trackway Site

All images courtesy of Garden Park Paleontology Society

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Where is it?: Drive through Canon City on US 50 to the entrance of Skyline Drive on the right, then 0.5 mile to the parking area on the right.
On the web: Skyline Drive Trackway Site

skyline drive trackway