Morrison Natural History Museum

Morrison, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F13

The Morrison Natural History Museum tells the story of Jefferson County’s paleontological heritage. Explore the museum’s hands-on exhibits with a personal guide. On permanent exhibit are Morrison-area dinosaur discoveries from 1877 to the present day. New displays discuss Front Range dinosaur habitats and ecosystems.

T. rex Encounter

T-Rex: Larger than your family dog, more teeth.

The museum is also conducting a study of the life and landscape of the Jurassic Morrison Formation. Recent excavations in nearby quarries have revealed several important fossil finds, including baby Stegosaurus fossils, baby sauropod tracks, and the missing muzzle of Apatosaurus ajax. Inquire about opportunities to explore and study with researchers at dig sites, on field trips, or in classes.


Tel: 303-697-1873

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