Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Alamosa, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest G7

dune crests

Image: John A. Karachewski

Colorado’s most recent National Park contains over 30 square miles of massive dunes that are North America’s tallest, at over 750 feet high. The dunes, and the unique meteorological and topographic setting in which they formed, are primary topics that are featured in the Park’s interpretive programs. Ranger-led walks, talks, and campfire programs are offered on most days from May through September, and on a limited or by-request basis during the rest of the year. Brochures are available at the visitor center for free or low cost, including “Exploring the Dunes,” “Landscape in Motion,” and “Mysterious Waters.”

transverse dunes

Image: Colorado Geological Survey

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colorado great sand dunes aerial image

30 square miles may look smaller from 35,000 feet, but 700 foot tall dunes are serious business when you hike into them! Image: Colorado Geological Survey

great sand dunes - mahar

Image: Louis J. Mahar, Jr., used with permission