Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Divide, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F11

A wonderful surprise near Divide,Colorado, FFBNM contains in-place, petrified, giant sequoia stumps, petrified logs, and a host of fossilized, delicate impressions of plants, fish, birds, mammals, mollusks, and insects that have been quarried from volcanic and lake sediments that once filled the valley. Up to 1,700 different species have been described. The visitor center houses an extensive collection of the fossils and describes the geologic events that led to their preservation. The giant trees are accessed by the 1.4-mile-long, Petrified Forest self-guided nature trail. Ranger-led walks, seminars, and discovery programs are offered. The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument web site contains an online virtual museum that presents a wealth of visual information about the area’s geology and fossils.

Fossilized sequoia stump. Photo courtesy of Vincent Matthews.

Tel: 719-748-3253

Where is it?:Map and directions to Florrisant Fossil Beds

Directions: Visitors traveling north/south on I-25: Exit at US 24 West, travel 35 miles to town of Florissant, then follow signs two miles south to the visitor center on Teller County 1. Visitors traveling east/west on US 24: Exit to the town of Florissant, then follow signs two miles south on Teller County 1 to the visitor center. Visitors traveling from the town of Cripple Creek: Follow Teller County Road 1 north for 16 miles.

Transportation: To Park: access by US Highway 24 and Teller County Road 1.