Dinosaur Ridge

Morrison, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F14

The Dinosaur Ridge area is one of the world’s most famous dinosaur localities. Some of the best-known dinosaurs were first discovered here in 1877, including Apatosaurus; Diplodocus; Allosaurus; and Stegosaurus, the Colorado State Fossil. Dinosaur Ridge has a visitor center and offers guided and self-guided tours of the tracks, fossils, and geology. Dinosaur Discovery Days are held one day each month during summer, when the road over Dinosaur Ridge is closed to traffic and guides are available to answer questions and give demonstrations. An extensive set of educational programs is available.

IMG_3208-dinosaur_footprints Dakota hogback

Left: Dinosaur Ridge dinosaur footprints; Right:Aerial view of the Dakota Hogback, location of Dinosaur Ridge


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A series of books about Dinosaur Ridge with color images are available from the Colorado Geological Survey Bookstore: