Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F20

t-rex-and-stego at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has several permanent exhibitions and ongoing projects of great interest to both amateur and professional geologists. The museum hosts traveling exhibitions, as well; please consult the DMNS web page for current and upcoming special events.

  • Prehistoric Journey takes visitors through 3.5 billion years of geologic time, from ancient seas where life began, past the fascinating life forms that evolved during the “Cambrian explosion,” directly into a raging battle between Allosaurus and Stegosaurus with an 80-foot long Diplodocus towering overhead, and continuing with the rise of mammals and the dawn of humans.
  • Gems & Minerals illustrates the mining history that Colorado was founded on, and contains beautiful rhodochrosite specimens from the Sweet Home Mine, an eight-pound nugget of crystallized gold found in Breckenridge, and samples of Colorado’s other important gems, minerals and metals.
  • Ancient Denvers is an exhibit of the original, large-scale landscape paintings and images from the book, Ancient Denvers, illustrating how subsurface rock layers and outcrops provide evidence of Denver’s geologically and climatologically diverse past.
  • Space Odyssey reminds us that interesting geology isn’t found only on Earth. Explore canyons, craters, dunes and channels on Mars, create a star, compare it to images of real stars, and watch it cycle from birth to death, and learn about the tools and experiments that allow planetary scientists and cosmologists to study their remote field sites.

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