Colorado Yule Marble Quarry

Yule Marble Quarry

The Colorado Yule Marble Quarry produces one of the finest white marbles in the world. It operated from 1905 to 1941, and is the source of the stone used for the exterior of the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknowns in Washington, D.C. Yule Marble was declared the Colorado State Rock in 2004.

The quarry re-opened in 1990, but tours into the quarry are not currently offered. A short trail from the parking lot at the base of the quarry (four miles south of town along a very poor, dangerous road) takes you past lots of beautiful white marble blocks that have been cast out of the quarry, and offers a view into the quarry itself.

The Marble Historical Society has prepared a self-guided walking tour of the Town of Marble that includes the site of the marble-finishing mill, once the largest in the world.

Please enjoy a Yule marble slide show created by the Colorado Geological Survey:

Yule Marble: Colorado’s Pure White Treasure and New State Rock!

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