Broomfield Walk Through Time

Broomfield, Colorado – Point of Geological Interest #F17

interpretive sign for geology at field to the west of Broomfield Heights Middle School

Photo by Dave Noe, CGS

Students and teachers at Broomfield Heights Middle School, with assistance from the Geological Society of America, have created a marvelous self-guided walk in an open field to the west of the school. A scale model of geologic time, this 600-foot long, loop path represents the most recent 600 million years of earth’s history using rock samples, drawings and interpretive signs.

The walk features a series of stations, each of which includes a student illustrated exhibit sign that describes the geologic scene, creatures that inhabited the area, and the geology of a large, adjacent boulder of a representative local rock formation for that period of geologic history.

At certain times of the year, student-led tours may be available.

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