Colorado Points of Geological Interest

POGI — The acronym for one of our favorite phrases — Points of Geologic Interest

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In a special issue of RockTalk (Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2006), we highlighted POGIs where there are guided activities in the form of interpretive presentations, hikes, or tours; self-guiding hikes or drives; museum exhibits; roadside displays; or educational seminars where geology is a primary topic of interest. Given this broad definition, there are dozens of guided, POGI-related activities for your enjoyment in Colorado.

Most of these activities are available in the summer, coincident with tourist season. However, once you’ve experienced a guided activity in these areas, it is easy to return to enjoy them during different seasons. A little bit of instruction can go a long way!

We divide our POGIs into a number of categories including fossil and dinosaur activities (F); minerals, mine tours, and mining-related activities (M); more general and scenic geology activities in Colorado’s federal lands, state parks, and county and municipal parks (G); cave tours (C); and formal and informal geology seminars. Our aim is to provide you with a basic description of cool geology-related activities at each area, along with contact phone numbers and web sites.

We have not included the costs (some have fees while others are free) or gear that is needed for these activities. For more information about any of these POGI areas, please contact the sponsors directly. Of course, there are thousands of undeveloped Points of Geological Interest across Colorado where no guided activities exist. While we won’t attempt to list these, there are some good general guidebooks for sale that cover many parts of the state. We have listed some of these for you. Happy exploring!