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Kyren Bogolub
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Kyren Bogolub

Seismology, induced earthquakes, and geophysical methods
1801 Moly Road
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 384-2674

Specialties: Seismology, Geophysical Methods, Data Management

Macaluso, D.A., Bogolub, K., Johnson, A., Aguilar, A., Kilcoyne, A.L.D., Bilodeau, R.C., Bautista, M., Kerlin, A.B., and Sterling, N.C., (2016), Absolute single photoionization cross-section measurements of Rb2+ ions: experiment and theory: Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, v. 49, p. 235002-10, doi: 10.1088/0953-4075/49/23/235002.

My research interests are primarily in seismology and western US tectonics. I am particularly interested in seismic methods for probing the subsurface structure of enigmatic high elevation regions in the US such as the Sierra Nevada of California, and the Rocky Mountains and High Plains of central/western North America.

I am currently responsible for coordinating the deployment and installation of 14 telemetered seismometers in Weld County, Colorado for the purposes of monitoring induced seismicity. This includes continued maintenance and service of the network throughout the summer including data management, earthquake catalog management (including determining earthquake locations), and developing scripts for automated state-of-health monitoring.

Geophysics PhD candidate, University of Colorado Boulder, CO
Research emphasis: Seismology, western United States tectonics, uplift of the Sierra Nevada, induced seismicity particularly in Colorado
Advisor: Dr. Craig Jones

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Physics, University of Montana Missoula, MT
Senior Thesis Project: Photo-ionization of heavy elements for the determination of elemental abundances in astrophysical nebulae
Advisor: Dr. David Macaluso