Why do we need both a federal and state geological survey?

CGS has a geologic mapping program. Hasn’t the state already been mapped?

Yes, Colorado has been mapped at very regional scales. However, the most useful scale is 1:24,000, or a 7.5 minute quadrangle. Of the approximately 1700 quadrangles in Colorado, only about 410 have been mapped. More…

What is the difference between the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) and the US Geological Survey (USGS)?

The Colorado Geological Survey is a state agency and was formerly one of nine divisions within the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, but since January 2013 is now part of the Colorado School of Mines. The US Geological Survey is a federal agency within the Department of Interior. The two agencies informally collaborate and cooperate, but there is no formal link.

When did the Colorado Geological Survey start?

It started twice. The first time was in 1908 and it was active until about 1926. There was no Colorado Geological Survey between 1926 and 1969 when the Legislature re-established the Colorado Geological Survey.

Why do we need both a federal and state geological survey?

The USGS focuses on broad national and international studies; whereas, the CGS focuses on the safety and economic well-being of the citizens of Colorado. More…