2001 Award in Excellence – WSSPC

2001 Award in Excellence – Western States Seismic Policy Council

WSSPC Awards in Excellence 2001

Awarded Category: Use of New Technology
Program Name:Interactive CD-ROM For Historical Colorado Earthquakes
Administering Agency:Colorado Geological Survey
Contact Person (Name/Title):Vince Matthews, Senior Science Advisor

The product nominated for this award is Bulletin 52, a CD-ROM publication of the Colorado Geological Survey entitled “Colorado Earthquake Information, 1867-1996” by Robert M. Kirkham and William P. Rogers. Bulletin 52 provides the informational foundation for a beginning effort to increase public awareness of Colorado’s earthquake hazard, thereby generating support for measures to protect the explosively increasing population and property inventory along the Front Range urban corridor. The CD format was selected and designed in order to provide the most user-friendly way of presenting the information available on Colorado earthquakes. Bulletin 52 is designed to take advantage of the text searching, hypertext linking, and graphical display capabilities that are now available on today’s personal computers. Using the functionality provided by the Adobe Acrobat file format, it is possible for the user to browse the publication on-screen and jump to linked items in other parts of the text. This hypertext interface allows researchers to quickly move between the text and associated items in various tables and figures, accessing detailed event descriptions, eyewitness accounts, regional isoseismal maps, bibliographic references, and a statewide map of all historical Colorado earthquakes. The CD is an invaluable tool that allows interested citizens, officials, and scientists to quickly obtain data and supporting information about the many earthquakes that have occurred in Colorado by facilitating efficient access and display of that information regardless of whether it is in text, map, table, or bibliographic format.